SohamGlobal Certifications

Certification on a specific technology in your profile gives direction to your career and companies will not misuse you. Technologies have made more impact than anything else on human life over the years. Technology has made our life comfortable and convenient. Technology has made this world a better place to live. No doubt technology is power and technology is our future. We are lucky to be a part of Information technology that drives the whole world today.

Why Certification?

Sohams course and experience certificates have helped students to get a job in MNC's like Accenture, IBM, TCS, Infosys, Wipro etc.

  • Recognition to the latest enterprise tools & technologies
  • A documented proof to your technical knowledge
  • Reflects your skills that industry needs
  • Helps in getting a job and project allocation
  • Boosts confidence that helps in growth

Prerequisites for certification-

  • A course at soHam with attendance more than 90%
  • Fees Completion
  • Clear the certification test (Objective Short Answer test)


To be announced after next certification test...


Neesha Lokhande 88%
Vaidehi Sarap 84%
Piyush Bhujbal 80%


To be announced after next certification test...


To be announced after next certification test...

We are ONLINE..

We deliver training courses, project demos and internship meetings online on Microsoft Teams platform. Nothing can stop a team.

Sample Certificates

Certification helps you gaining confidence on the technology. It helps you in applying for a job of a higher profile in a better company.